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June 26, 2015

Artist Experience: Kapachino


WHO: Kapachino

WHERE: Tampa, FL

PRESENTED BY: Sunset Music Festival


Kapachino was the winner of the Sunset Music Festival DJ Invitational. The competition was fierce and the final votes went into the thousands for the top tracks, but Kapachino’s fans pulled through for him in the end. Gary’s mix was a relentless compilation of banger after banger, keeping the energy high and the drops tantalizing.

Here’s some words from Gary about his experience: “Sunset was honestly my first festival. I always wanted to be involved in EDM, that really came about from my Pop. He was a DJ back in his time, doing house parties and jamming out to Baby Anne, Malicious Mike, DJ Icy; we couldn’t get enough. Never in my life would I think to have stage like this at this point in my career. Wavo, I wanted to give a huge thank you. Without you guys, who knows what time frame I would be looking at to really set foot on that stage playing for a crowd like no other.

When I first entered the mix for this competition, it was more of a confidence booster. Something that if I get enough votes and finish close to first or get enough people to listen, I would be happy. Hearing that I made top ten finalists definitely exceeded any expectations I had going into this. My mindset went from “let’s stay in the top 20″ to “I really have a shot at making this happen.”

After posting about being a finalist on social media, it really took care of itself. I asked people listening to the mix from all over if they can post their locations; I wanted to see where my mix was going to.  I couldn’t believe it. I went from mixing on my porch for my one year old daughter and fiancé to this, you know. This was a dream I’ve had since god knows when. Being completely honest, this is much more than sunset for me.

A few days after the competition ended when I heard that I won… i’m not kidding I cried. I drove to Orlando and back with my mix blaring in the car. Of course I called all my family and friends to give them the news. It was a moment I will never forget. This honestly was one of the top 3 moments in my life that’s happened so far.”        

You can discover more of  Kapachino at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Gary’s shoes.





June 8, 2015

Artist Experience: DJ Naan


WHO: DJ Naan

WHERE: South Padre, Texas

PRESENTED BY: Ultimate Music Experience South Padre


DJ Naan was the winner of the UME South Padre DJ Invitational. The competition carried with it bragging rights of “the #1 party school in Texas”, so Adrian represented his whole school, La Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Monterrey, Mexico, in the competition. Adrian’s winning track was a 63 minute mix of high-polished electro house and big room bangers that Adrian had the pleasure of blasting to the UME spring break crowd.

naan3  naan4

Here’s what Adrian had to say about his experience: “UME South Padre 2015 has been the best experience that I’ve ever had. Being there, in font of everyone, feeling the emotions, and the good vibes is awesome, but for real, the best thing is when you see that all the people love what you are doing. It was a great experience, but I’m willing to have even bigger experiences…”


You can discover more of  DJ Naan at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Adrian’s shoes.







May 29, 2015

Artist Experience: Sparrow


WHO: Stephanie Ramos AKA Sparrow

WHERE: San Diego, CA


WHAT: Move-O N Groove-Oo

Stephanie Ramos was the winner of the Life In Color Global Talent Search: San Diego competition. LiC and Wavo teamed up to find new talent to perform at LiC’s events all over the US and South America. Sparrow’s track starts out as a pretty innocent house/deep house mix but you can tell she is holding back some of her harder, bassier tendencies. Towards the end of the mix though Stephanie lets it all out with some brain-melting dubstep and bass tracks. Check it out for yourself at the link above.


Here’s what Stephanie had to say about her “crazy fun” time at LiC: “I got to DJ on stage for Life In Color San Diego with my good friend Sean, aka SnowmanS. We’re very used to sharing the stage spinning crazy dubstep and heavy bass music at our shows, so it was a really cool switch up having spun some minimal tech house for the opening set. It definitely got me out of my comfort zone with the energy and feel of the music, but it was awesome and rewarding because I got more in touch with some awesome soulful tracks on my laptop I had lost a bit of touch with over the time. It really made me re-appreciate different genres, bpms, styles, and variations of dance music in general. Truly a fun experience it was, and I will keep it with me forever, I thank you Wavo, we both do!!”

 IMG_6820             IMG_6797

You can discover more of Sparrow at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Stephanie’s shoes.



May 22, 2015

Artist Experience: DJ D.Brown


WHO: DJ D.Brown

WHERE: Hartford, CT


WHAT: LiC Hartford Festival Mix

DJ D.Brown was the winner of the Life In Color Global Talent Search: Hartford competition. LiC and Wavo teamed up to find new talent to perform at LiC’s events all over the US and South America. Derek’s track was an uptempo mix of banger after banger that had the crowd jumping and, literally, going hard in the paint. His quick stage Video shows the whole audience turning into a vast sea of pumping arms and jumping bodies at the drop, a dream come true for any artist.


Here’s what Derek had to say about his recent success: “[Playing LiC was] the best moment of my DJing career, hands down. What made it more special was that about 30 of my friends from my hometown of Waterbury bought tickets as soon as I won. They came down to support while wearing shirts with my logo on it. Thank you Wavo and Life in Color for this experience. Hopefully there’s more to come!”


You can discover more of D.Brown at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Derek’s shoes.







May 21, 2015

Introducing Wavo Records


After running our April demo submission competition we are excited to announce FVCES as the first artist to be released on Wavo Records, our new in-house record label. FVCES won:

– Full Release on Wavo Records (distributed worldwide on all major platforms, itunes, Spotify etc)

– $500 recording advance

– $500 Wavo Boost advertising credit (your song seen on all major electronic publishers to millions of fans)

– Free Wavo Pro membership for life

– Your song premiered on a major dance music publication

Additionally, we chose two runner ups, E.R.O.S. and Mishegas, who will both receive $150 of Wavo Boost advertising credit and free Wavo Pro for life.

Check back soon for more information about FVCES’ upcoming release, and be sure to submit your tracks to our May Demo Submission here for your chance to get signed next month!

May 19, 2015

Artist Experience: Marcus Santoro

WHO: DJ Marcus Santoro          image1

WHERE: Melbourne, AU

PRESENTED BY: Revealed Recordings

WHAT: Sick Individuals – Lost & Found (Marcus Santoro Remix)

Available here http://hwl.dj/Lost-Found-Remix-BP

Marcus won first place in our competition with Revealed Recordings to remix the Sick Individual’s track Lost & Found. His remix was immediately a progressive house hit and caught the attention of Hardwell and his Revealed Records crew. Marcus’ latest release with The Potbelleez titled All The Way was released on Sony Records and made it into the top 10 of Shazam’s Future Hits Chart.


Here’s what Marcus had to say about his recent success: “My experience with music so far has been incredibly exciting and amazing and I’m privileged to be able to showcase my music to the world. Joining the Wavo/Revealed remix contest was a little daunting at first, I didn’t know what to expect from the other entries and I just wanted to give it my all and to come out winning was definitely a surprise and also extremely overwhelming. Sick Individuals are a big influence on me and my music, and to have an official remix for them is something I could only have hoped for. To have a release on one of the most respected EDM labels Revealed Recordings is also something of a dream because each artist on this roster is extremely talented and are showcasing some awesome productions. So thank you for voting for me, and thank you to the Wavo team, Revealed team and the Sick Individuals for making this dream come true and to help me get one step closer to where I want to go.”

You can discover more of Marcus Santoro at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Marcus’ shoes.

 UberToro-20   UberToro-79






May 14, 2015

Artist Experience: MistaChow

WHO: Nick “Mista” Chow


WHERE: Aries Music Festival, London, ON

PRESENTED BY: PremierLife.ca

WHAT: Aries Music Festival Warm Up Mix

Nick was selected as the winner of our competition with PremierLife.ca and Aries Music Festival where he won an opening slot at the festival playing to a few thousand new fans. Nick’s mix was a feisty clash of house, dance, and deep house, with tracks by the Chainsmokers, Alesso, Calvin Harris, and Martix Garrix making appearances and being used to get festivalgoers hyped. Nick says “It was a dream come true playing at Aries Music Festival 2015. A year ago I was just some kid mixing on my computer all by myself in a dorm room and now a year later I’m playing on the biggest stage London, Ontario has to offer.”

chainsmokers_08_14_14-7864    10003005_878909255485727_7424032494634928337_n

Head to Nick’s Wavo page to check out the live recording of his set at Aries. You can also discover more Mista Chow at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Nick’s shoes.






May 12, 2015

Summer has begun & Piknic is back!



After the worst winter in 100 years Montreal summer is finally upon us.

Which can only mean Piknic Eletronik is back, bigger and better than ever. This is truly a magical time in Montreal; Wavo’s backyard. Winter is long gone and generally the people left or now visiting are essentially all about the music. Piknic, which started in 2003, is a boundary-pushing cultural manifestation, which has since grown into a signature event for the city of Montreal. The festival takes place annually in the impressive surroundings of Parc Jean-Drapeau – the venue most well known for Osheaga / IleSoniq.

Renowned for breeding innovative artists, the festival has booked a number of remarkable international and local headliners over the years including Tiga, Guy Gerber, Gui Boratto, Josh Wink, DJ Tennis, Eats Everything many more.

You only have to take one look at last year’s video to know how magical this place is.

No Piknic line-up would be complete without some of the unquestionable titans of clubland passing through, and the first wave of artists revealed for this 13th season poses no exception.

The always exciting inaugural double weekend kicks off on Sunday, May 17th, with the house mavens behind the Maeve imprint, Mano Le Tough and The Drifter. On Monday, May 18th, leading ladies of house music Heidi and Maya Jane Coles share the stage under the structure for an massive double bill. Ladies and gentlemen start your engine.

You’ll see us there for the rest of May. On May 24 from Hotflush Recordings featuring label-head Scuba and UK producer-of-the-moment South London Ordnance. This year features a ton of local talent, led by figures who’ve gone on to great things internationally. Montreal new-gen ambassador Jacques Greene touches down at the main stage on June 21st, while the home grown Boomclap crew who’ve gone on to make international waves, drops by for a reunion featuring Sinjin Hawke, Zora Jones, Azamat B, and M. Bootyspoon. Maher Daniel has exploded internationally ever since he moved to Barcelona and placed releases everywhere from Get Physical to Bedrock, while Turbo artist Iron Galaxy has managed to set global dance floors on fire while staying in Montreal.

We’re personally really looking forward to the Wavo favorite Motions who plays June 14th.

We’re excited and almost scared to see what they’ve got in store for the finale that’s August and September. Stay tuned for updates and more content through our the Piknic Season!

Check out the first wave of talent below!


April 14, 2015

SLS Miami: Wrap Up


If you were anywhere else but SLS South Beach during Miami Music Week, you were in the wrong place.

From March 25-29 award-winning SLS South Beach hosted an All-Star DJ line-up with performances by Luciano, Alesso, NERVO and friends, R3HAB, and Gareth Emery. They put on mind blowing shows for four days straight as the heat fired up the crowd and the fans got wild. The week was packed surprise appearances and sold out almost every single day.


With high-energy and parties that went on all night, SLS Miami was the wildest place to be during Music Week.


April 9, 2015

Hanging with CrazU, WAVO’s Winner of the Miami Pool Party DJ Invitational

A few weeks ago, CrazU had the opportunity to play in Miami after he won Wavo’s Miami Pool Party DJ Invitation Contest. He won the chance to play a set during Ultra Music Festival Weekend and hang out in the VIP room with the likes of Bynon, the EC Twins, and Rebeeca & Fiona. Wavo asked CrazU a little bit about this life changing opportunity and what he’s been doing since then.

CrazU performing at SLS Miami

CrazU performing his set at SLS Miami

Wavo (W): Congratulations on winning the SLS Pool Party DJ Invitational Contest! How did you feel when you got the news that you won?

CrazU (C): Getting word about winning the SLS Pool Party DJ Invitational Contest gave me mixed but positive feelings! I was in the studio by myself when I got the email and immediate became emotional, then hysterically laughing and cheering with uncontrollable excitement. It was definitely the highest point in my musical career.

W: How did you get into DJ-ing? What’s your history with music been like?

C: Since the age of 4 I have been involved heavily in music. My parents signed me up for piano at a local studio where I became proficient with classical and orchestral composition. After performing countless recitals and charity events in my later teens, I realized that if I was going to “make it” in the music industry, I couldn’t do it through piano, I had to find something else. Some of my friends started DJing and I quickly became fond of the art of turntablism and on the spot mixing. I worked odd jobs in the summer of 2002 to afford my first DJ-In-A-Box kit that included Two Gemini Belt Drive Turntables and one basic Gemini 2-channel mixer. Began mixing in the basement of my parents home and did high school house parties all over my neighborhood on the weekends to gain a legit fan base. I went on a three year hiatus to pursue my 1st passion, [becoming] a professional soccer player, but fell short. I turned back to music because it was my escape from negativity and was accepted to attend The Los Angeles Recording School in Hollywood where I received an Associates in Recording Arts and Music Production. It wasn’t until I started producing my own originals and remixes that I found out that in order to succeed in the industry, YOU HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT.

W: You’ve been DJ-ing for over ten years. That’s a long time to finally just get your first big break. What’s kept you going and inspired all this time?

C: Yes it was, and I have many more years to come hopefully! Through the years, what has kept me motivated is my will to win! Playing sports my whole life I always thought: “Don’t Give Up! (even have a tattoo of that on my arm) There will be times you will be dead last and there will be times you will be at the highest point of your life, just know that by giving up, you are surrendering your heart, your love, your passion, to someone else who is more dedicated and more persistent than you!” (Those were exact words from my father, my mother always said “I will support you in whatever your heart desires.”)

W: Do you have any DJs who you view as your inspiration or motivation? Which artists or genres influence you?

C: Of course! Without inspirations we would not have a thought or a vision of what we love. I am an obsessive music fan in general, there isn’t a single genre that doesn’t inspire me one way or another, but the artist I first saw rock a main stage and changed the way I viewed electronic dance music was Tiesto. He is the ultimate reason why I started producing and performing. My best friends got me DJ-ing and mixing, but Tiesto took me to another level I didn’t even know existed.

W: Tell us about the experience at SLS. Who did you meet?

C: My experience at the SLS was unforgettable. Amongst having to cough up $2000 to get out to Miami during Ultra Music Festival weekend, the experience and the connections I made were priceless, something I can never take back. I got to hang out with Bynon, the EC Twins, and Rebeeca & Fiona in their VIP area and chat with their people, Gareth Emery, Michael Woods, and R3hab all gave me amazing advice and fantastic feedback on what to do from this point on. Danny Avila and EDX were kind enough to take a couple seconds to snap photos with me. It was all unreal yet felt normal, like I belonged there with them.

W: How has Wavo jump started your career?

C: Wavo is a great company that helps platform upcoming talent and put them in situations where they can make the best of their career. The contest are a test to see how bad you want it. I was lucky enough to win back-to-back competitions (Miami DJ Invitational & unEarth Euphoria Festival), and by [doing] so, I realized how much true fan support I have, how talented my creativity can be, and [how] well my parents have taught me to be honest to yourself and the things you love.

W: Do you have any advice for DJs who aren’t getting the breaks they need?

C: Honest advice that I can give natural talent out there trying to get their big break is to never give up. Just because you don’t win, or you fall short doesn’t mean you are a loser, it just means it is not your time yet. If you stay true to yourself, get a positive and honest following (not bought!), and produce your own music, then you are bound to achieve greatness. Being persistent is always a good thing, BUT being persistent without professionalism and proper etiquette is just annoyance. In other words, don’t bad mouth the industry, respect it!


Thanks to Wavo and a great team of his supporters, CrazU will be performing on the main stage at the Euphoria Music Festival in Austin, Texas April 10-12, but prior to that he will stay true to his monthly residency at the UFC Gym in his hometown of Torrance, CA on April 6th.

To follow CrazU’s musical journey, follow him at:


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