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August 25, 2015

Artist Experience: Matt Prize & Sam Sharp


WHO: Matt Prize & Sam Sharp

WHERE: Montreal, Canada


WHAT: IleSoniq DJ Invitational 2015


Matt Prize & Sam Sharp were the winner of the IleSoniq Invitational. The winning mix was a deep and futuristic house track that had the judges groovin’ and wanting more.


Here’s some words from Matt Prize & Sam Sharp about the experience:

“When we first joined the Wavo Ile Soniq contest, we didn’t know what to expect. Even tough there was more than 200 people who were in the competition, we kept a positive attitude in hoping to win the contest.

Our journey at Ile Soniq was even more incredible that anything we ever dreamed of. In fact, mixing in one of the biggest music festivals in Montréal was absolutely insane. We even had the chance to meet all our favorite artists and to be part of the “Artist World”.

We want to say a big thank you to Wavo and IleSoniq for choosing us, and to everyone who took the time to vote for us. Without our fans, this dream would have never came reality. We are now looking forward to releasing new mixes and creating music.”

IMG_0236 IMG_0262

You can discover more of Matt Prize & Sam Sharp at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in their shoes.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattprizesamsharp

Instagram: Mattprize_samsharp

Snapchat: Prizesharp






July 31, 2015

Artist Experience: Ebb & Flow


WHO: Ebb & Flow

WHERE: San Bernardino, CA

PRESENTED BY: The Voyage by Dada Life


Ebb & Flow was the winner of the Voyage Artist Invitational. The winning mix was a funky and creative house track that had a little something for every musical taste.


Here’s some words from Ebb & Flow about the experience: “When you spend several hours a week putting together mixes in your home studio, you become used to a certain quality of sound. The kick drum is full, but doesn’t rattle your chest. The hats are crisp, but they don’t have room to sizzle. Everything else sounds better than it does in headphones, but it won’t get a thousand people dancing. When we cranked up Kryder’s remix of L’Tric’s “This Feeling” during our sound check, we both got chills – it was the most massive sound we’d ever made with our gear. When we finally dropped that one for the crowd at the tail end of our set, followed by Reload – a track Ankur had literally dreamt of closing with – they went absolutely crazy. It was an indescribable joy.

We can’t overstate how grateful we are for having had the opportunity to share the stage with Dada Life – two of the friendliest and most humble performers we’ve ever met – and experience the magic of performing on the main stage of an Insomniac event. Everyone we worked with was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, and the fans – “headliners” as they’re described by Insomniac personnel – were incredible. Considering we started our online radio show less than a year ago, we feel all the more lucky to have experienced this level of success so quickly. “

 Dada (1)

You can discover more of Ebb & Flow at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in their shoes.





July 28, 2015

We Start To Gear Up For Moonrise Festival

Moonrise, Wavo

Moonrise, Wavo

The East Coast’s premiere summer music festival is officially locked in for it’s second year at Pimlico Race Course. Set to take place August 8th and 9th, Moonrise Festival boasts one of the best lineups you’ll find this festival season. Formerly known as Starscape Music Festival, the Steez Promo and Glow DC organized event promises a truly transformational event.

Something that Moonrise seems to pride themselves on this year is providing fans with a diverse lineup, furnishing Pimlico with DJs for every musical taste. Taking control of the headlining role on day one is Bassnectar. Throughout the weekend artists like Datsik, Doctor P, Zomboy, Snails, Dirtyphonics, and Funtcase & Cookie Monsta will provide the perfect soundtrack for bassheads at Moonrise.

Moonrise, Wavo

Photos by DS Photography

The vibe at the main stage on day two shifts gears a bit as Above & Beyond captivates with their euphoric sound. A strong progressive, festival sound will be heard over the weekend from the likes of Andrew Rayel, Audien, Blasterjaxx, Myon & Shane54, TJR, and VINAI.

The diversity of the lineup will be noticed when the live acts take the stage this year. Big Gigantic, Break Science, The Floozies, Die Antwoord, The Glitch Mob, and Porter Robinson are all set to showcase their live performances at Moonrise. August 8th and 9th are setting themselves up to be without a doubt our favorite dates of the summer.

Be sure to check out our DJ Invitational competition and vote for one lucky DJ to perform at Moonrise. For tickets, contests, travel info and more visit MoonriseFestival.com.

July 24, 2015

Artist Experience: SYGR



WHERE: Kingston Downs, GA

PRESENTED BY: Counterpoint Music Festival


SYGR was the winner of the Counterpoint Music Festival DJ Invitational 2015. The winning mix was a raging mix of 46 festival trap bangers in a 1 hour mix


Here’s some words from Michael about the experience: “Winning the CounterPoint DJ Invitational was more than just a chance to play at the festival, it was also a huge boost to my general morale. At the time I was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was feeling pretty down. I had also only been DJing for about a year and so I thought I had no chance. When I found out that I won I couldn’t believe it and was overwhelmed with emotion. Two weeks later I opened up the Silent Disco Stage on Sunday night of the festival with literally no one in the crowd but by the end of my set there was over 100 people and they were all dancing and having fun! I wish I could have had a chance to play on one of the “real” stages, but it was still an awesome experience and one that I will never forget. So thank you to everyone who voted, as well as the Wavo and CounterPoint team for giving me the opportunity to show I have what it takes!”


You can discover more of SYGR at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Mike’s shoes.

Listen to SYGR’s set from Counterpoint






July 17, 2015

Artist Experience: Heretixx


WHO: Heretixx

WHERE: Philadelphia, PA



Heretixx was the winner of the Life In Color Global Talent Search Philadelphia competition. The winning mix was a spun mix of deep vibes that got the Philly crowd perfectly in the mood for Solano, Jauz, and Aoki.


Here’s some words from Heretixx about the experience: “Life in Color was a blast. It was our first show ever playing in front of a crowd this big so we were admittedly a bit nervous, but the crowd brought the energy and we matched it. It was such an honor as burgeoning DJs to open up for artists like David Solano, Jauz, and Steve Aoki at our first festival act. We did our thing up there the best we could and we have a feeling it will open up a lot of doors for us in the future. I can’t thank Wavo or Life in Color enough for giving us the opportunity to do this. It was definitely a show for the ages. “


You can discover more of Heretixx at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in their shoes.




July 10, 2015

Artist Experience: Rollacoaster


WHO: Rollacoaster




Rollacoaster was the winner of the LiFE SLS Las Vegas R3HAB Presents: The Next Superstar competition. The winning mix was a dope combination of deep cuts, electro vibes, progressive vocals and mashups of classic bangers that took this SoCal duo to the heart of Las Vegas to open for R3HAB.

Rollacoaster6  Bo_Friends

Here’s some words from Rollacoaster about the experience: “There are no words to explain how much this experience meant to us. Thank you again Wavo for this opportunity and thank you LiFE at SLS Hotel for accommodating us with us opening for R3hab, the flight, the room, and the bottle service for all our friends and family but most of all, thank you for all the great new memories! #ridewithus”

Rollacoaster1 Rollacoaster_lightss

You can discover more of Rollacoaster at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in their shoes.






June 26, 2015

Artist Experience: Kapachino


WHO: Kapachino

WHERE: Tampa, FL

PRESENTED BY: Sunset Music Festival


Kapachino was the winner of the Sunset Music Festival DJ Invitational. The competition was fierce and the final votes went into the thousands for the top tracks, but Kapachino’s fans pulled through for him in the end. Gary’s mix was a relentless compilation of banger after banger, keeping the energy high and the drops tantalizing.

Here’s some words from Gary about his experience: “Sunset was honestly my first festival. I always wanted to be involved in EDM, that really came about from my Pop. He was a DJ back in his time, doing house parties and jamming out to Baby Anne, Malicious Mike, DJ Icy; we couldn’t get enough. Never in my life would I think to have stage like this at this point in my career. Wavo, I wanted to give a huge thank you. Without you guys, who knows what time frame I would be looking at to really set foot on that stage playing for a crowd like no other.

When I first entered the mix for this competition, it was more of a confidence booster. Something that if I get enough votes and finish close to first or get enough people to listen, I would be happy. Hearing that I made top ten finalists definitely exceeded any expectations I had going into this. My mindset went from “let’s stay in the top 20″ to “I really have a shot at making this happen.”

After posting about being a finalist on social media, it really took care of itself. I asked people listening to the mix from all over if they can post their locations; I wanted to see where my mix was going to.  I couldn’t believe it. I went from mixing on my porch for my one year old daughter and fiancé to this, you know. This was a dream I’ve had since god knows when. Being completely honest, this is much more than sunset for me.

A few days after the competition ended when I heard that I won… i’m not kidding I cried. I drove to Orlando and back with my mix blaring in the car. Of course I called all my family and friends to give them the news. It was a moment I will never forget. This honestly was one of the top 3 moments in my life that’s happened so far.”        

You can discover more of  Kapachino at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Gary’s shoes.





June 8, 2015

Artist Experience: DJ Naan


WHO: DJ Naan

WHERE: South Padre, Texas

PRESENTED BY: Ultimate Music Experience South Padre


DJ Naan was the winner of the UME South Padre DJ Invitational. The competition carried with it bragging rights of “the #1 party school in Texas”, so Adrian represented his whole school, La Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Monterrey, Mexico, in the competition. Adrian’s winning track was a 63 minute mix of high-polished electro house and big room bangers that Adrian had the pleasure of blasting to the UME spring break crowd.

naan3  naan4

Here’s what Adrian had to say about his experience: “UME South Padre 2015 has been the best experience that I’ve ever had. Being there, in font of everyone, feeling the emotions, and the good vibes is awesome, but for real, the best thing is when you see that all the people love what you are doing. It was a great experience, but I’m willing to have even bigger experiences…”


You can discover more of  DJ Naan at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Adrian’s shoes.







May 29, 2015

Artist Experience: Sparrow


WHO: Stephanie Ramos AKA Sparrow

WHERE: San Diego, CA


WHAT: Move-O N Groove-Oo

Stephanie Ramos was the winner of the Life In Color Global Talent Search: San Diego competition. LiC and Wavo teamed up to find new talent to perform at LiC’s events all over the US and South America. Sparrow’s track starts out as a pretty innocent house/deep house mix but you can tell she is holding back some of her harder, bassier tendencies. Towards the end of the mix though Stephanie lets it all out with some brain-melting dubstep and bass tracks. Check it out for yourself at the link above.


Here’s what Stephanie had to say about her “crazy fun” time at LiC: “I got to DJ on stage for Life In Color San Diego with my good friend Sean, aka SnowmanS. We’re very used to sharing the stage spinning crazy dubstep and heavy bass music at our shows, so it was a really cool switch up having spun some minimal tech house for the opening set. It definitely got me out of my comfort zone with the energy and feel of the music, but it was awesome and rewarding because I got more in touch with some awesome soulful tracks on my laptop I had lost a bit of touch with over the time. It really made me re-appreciate different genres, bpms, styles, and variations of dance music in general. Truly a fun experience it was, and I will keep it with me forever, I thank you Wavo, we both do!!”

 IMG_6820             IMG_6797

You can discover more of Sparrow at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Stephanie’s shoes.



May 22, 2015

Artist Experience: DJ D.Brown


WHO: DJ D.Brown

WHERE: Hartford, CT


WHAT: LiC Hartford Festival Mix

DJ D.Brown was the winner of the Life In Color Global Talent Search: Hartford competition. LiC and Wavo teamed up to find new talent to perform at LiC’s events all over the US and South America. Derek’s track was an uptempo mix of banger after banger that had the crowd jumping and, literally, going hard in the paint. His quick stage Video shows the whole audience turning into a vast sea of pumping arms and jumping bodies at the drop, a dream come true for any artist.


Here’s what Derek had to say about his recent success: “[Playing LiC was] the best moment of my DJing career, hands down. What made it more special was that about 30 of my friends from my hometown of Waterbury bought tickets as soon as I won. They came down to support while wearing shirts with my logo on it. Thank you Wavo and Life in Color for this experience. Hopefully there’s more to come!”


You can discover more of D.Brown at the links below, and be sure to check out our current competitions to enter for your chance to be in Derek’s shoes.







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