The Rise of the Second Screen

second screen B.jpg

Every Monday, we take a look at a significant marketing statistic and how it relates to the music industry. Today, we dive into the rising trend of second screen usage. Originally sent out in our Weekly Stat email.


The percentage of US consumers who use a second device, like a smartphone or tablet, while watching TV.

Source: Mary Meeker's 2019 Internet Trends

What this means for marketers 

Even with a TV on, mobile still grabs hold of our attention. Looking up something related to what we’re watching (71%) and messaging friends and family about what we’re watching (41%) are among the top reasons for multi-device use.  

This behavior emphasizes the importance of a marketing strategy that has grown in importance—arguably, toward the point of being non-negotiable—ever since smartphones were introduced: mobile-friendly user experiences. 

For artists and their teams, the tasks involved here can be as simple as optimizing music videos for social channels or as intricate as re-designing e-commerce stores to display just a couple of elements on-screen at a time. 

Due to Shazam and Google lyric licensing, TV shows and commercials can also be a major driver for music discovery. To take advantage of search traffic for a compelling sync, a funnel that nudges people toward a social follow or streaming play in search results should be in place.