How Marketers Use Location Data in 2019

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Every Monday, we take a look at a significant marketing statistic and how it relates to the music industry. Today, we explore the growing role location data plays in reaching and engaging new audiences. Originally sent out in our Weekly Stat email.


The percentage of marketers who expect to increase their use of location data over the next 12 months when targeting audiences in advertising campaigns.

Source: Factual 2019 Location-Based Marketing Report

Not just mobile

Using location data to target audiences isn’t a particularly new tactic—Facebook offered this option way back in 2004 with their first auction-based CPC model. 

But marketers today are finding new ways to leverage this information and redefine traditional ad formats. 

Though mobile still holds the top spot (81%), location data is increasingly used in connected TV ads (49%) and digital billboard campaigns (47%) to present area-specific promotions and encourage further engagement with smartphones. The wealth of data now available also allows marketers to understand if ads are working. 

Though they used traditional billboards, Spotify demonstrated the power of analytics in out-of-home advertising with their “2018 Goals” campaign, a display of peculiar listener habits around the world.