Acts like Major Lazer Are using Wavo to Grow their Spotify Base by Thousands

Wavo is a digital marketing platform and agency that specifically caters to music & culture. Wavo runs the world’s largest remix and DJ competition platform; current clients include Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, SFX, Armada, Ultra and more. Wavo also runs — the native advertising network for arts & culture.

Client: Major Lazer

Major Lazer is an electronic music trio consisting of Jillionaire, Walshy Fire, and top-tier producer Diplo. They have worked with artists including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, MØ, DJ Snake, and Snoop Dogg. In 2015, their track with DJ Snake — “Lean On,” — was certified by streaming giant Spotify as the most streamed song of all time, with over 800 million plays (it has only recently been surpassed by Drake’s “One Dance,” with 882 million listens).


Major Lazer’s most recent album, Peace is the Mission, was released in June of 2015, and included the singles “Lean On,” “Light it Up,” and “Be Together” ft. Wild Belle. Major Lazer and their management and marketing teams at TMWRK & mtheory, partnered with Wavo to provide additional promotion for “Be Together,” during the period of the album’s release.

Goal & Result

Increase Spotify plays and follows for Major Lazer and their single, “Be Together,” to provide extra momentum for the release of Peace is the Mission.


  • 5,500 stem downloads
  • 616 unique submissions
  • 6,407 votes
  • total new Spotify followers: 11,942

The official lyric video for “Be Together” from Major Lazer


How Wavo Works

Wavo Competitions are designed to create a unique value exchange between big artists, labels, festivals, and upcoming talent. Sponsors give artists access to high-value content and opportunities like remix stems and label deals, and in return, get tons of incredible remixes and mixes shared across the internet. Sponsors can ask participants to either follow them on a social platform of their choice, or enter an email address in exchange for content, thereby creating quality connections that last long after the competition ends. At present, we are able to connect users to their accounts on a number of social media and streaming sites, including Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

Wavo competitions are able to attract a large crowd of participants due to the scale of Wavo’s social media and network reach. Running a competition through Wavo ensures that for the duration of your campaign, your competition will be shared with Wavo’s 155,000 Facebook followers, 6,000 Twitter followers, and 100,000+ website users.

The page for the “Be Together” remix competition as it appeared on

The page for the “Be Together” remix competition as it appeared on


Major Lazer’s remix competition pulled in fans by offering the winner social media support and an official release on Dancing Astronaut. It employed Spotify gating, meaning that every individual who downloaded stems, submitted a track, or voted, was first required to connect to the group’s Spotify page before participating. Ultimately, the competition was able to increase Major Lazer’s Spotify following by 11,942 users, over the span of just 5 weeks.

Before being able to vote or download stems, users are required to connect to a gated page

Before being able to vote or download stems, users are required to connect to a gated page

“Wavo has been a great tool for artists to create engaging contests that are meaningful for both the artist and their fans. We were able to use Wavo to build Major Lazer’s Spotify following in advance of releasing new music.” — Lauryn Caldwell, mtheory

Wavo strives to promote products that provide value not just for our clients, but for our audience of dedicated music fans, as well. In addition to gaining access to high quality song stems, Wavo competitions have provided users with the opportunity to win some fantastic prize packages. Past rewards have included access to exclusive merchandise, artist Skype sessions, the chance to perform at a concert or festival, and official release via the artist’s label. Through our competition platform, Wavo has helped hundreds of upcoming artists sign deals with major record labels, as well as spurred the release of thousands of popular remixes.

As the music industry continues to become more digitalized, developing a Spotify following is of paramount importance for artists of all magnitudes. The average stream-to-sale conversion for Spotify is now 1,500, meaning that every 1,500 streams generated equates to an unit sold. As a result, streams are now a major factor in determining an artist’s place in the music charts. Wavo competitions yield value in that they add to an artist’s online following, providing them with a high quality user base who will continue to stream their new material long after their campaign ends.

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