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Ninth Parallel - Verloren

This is a song I released in February of 2014. While at first listen the production might not seem great, the composition, arrangement, and stylistic elements do compensate. My upcoming single 'Infinitum' showcases my vast improvements in music production I've made over the past year and a half, and features a very unique approach to composition and arrangement; however only a teaser is available at the moment. I've built close friendships with Mat Zo, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Paris Blohm, and more over the past year, all of which respect my music and have shown massive support. I've played sold out shows with Madeon and he told me that he wishes he had come up with the Infinitum melodies (again currently unreleased!). I've also just recently reached 10,000 likes on FB and have a very passionate fanbase! I'm also very passionate about music and would feel thrilled, honored, and grateful if I were to win this contest. Also just recently, my official remix for Porter Robinson's 'Sea of Voices', out soon on Astralwerks, was premiered by Proximity, having accumulated over 600,000 plays so far. Please check that out as well! Thank you. Rishi Read more

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