Styline ft. Angelika Vee - Live out Loud (Divin3 Remix)
Remix Competition: Live Out Loud
Since it's premiere on Hardwell On Air, fans eagerly anticipated the release of "Live Out Loud." Masterfully blending Angelika Vee's phenomenal vocal with his signature driving Power House bassline, Styline created the perfect soundtrack for living life to the fullest. Now he is excited for producers in all genres to put their spin on the track and work with Angelika Vee’s beautiful vocal. Styline would like for this to be a creativity contest. The more creative the better, and he is excited to see different genres and styles. There will be no discrimination by the size of the artist, and all submissions will be closely listened too. If there are more than three deserving winners, we will pick them all! Prize - The top three remixes will receive an official release on Styline's Own Maskade Records - Social media support from Styline - Styline will reach out personally to the winners in a mentoring role to see what they need help with most at this point in their careerRead more
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