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R-Squared - WAR ON PLANET IX.V [Paradiso Entry]

Packed with wild edits, epic mashups and killer transitions, the epic bass follow up to R-Squared's "WAR ON PLANET IX" is here! The original WAR ON PLANET IX featured a fictional universe thriving in peace until it was invaded by dark and hard hitting bass music. "War on Planet IX.V," features several of R-Squared's new edits and mashups as well as a place for you to get the feels and get you twerkin.This extension to the mix takes place 5 months after the invasion where the radio waves are still filled with high energy dubstep, trap, and hip hop but the fight to restore Planet IX isn't over. Hope y'all enjoy and slide me a vote! :) R-Squared is a 22 year old Cambodian American DJ and producer from Tacoma,WA attending Western Washington University. He's been DJing for nearly 5 years and began dipping his toes into producing this past year. R-Squared's style is rooted from influences of early electronic trap and hip-hop but also extends his recent influences to house and dubstep. He plays anything and everything. R-Squared looks forward to getting an opportunity to open at Paradiso this year to represent Tacoma and the Asian American community on the main stage.! #Bass#Dubstep#Trap#FutureBass#Twerk#Rap Read more

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