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Loudan - Envision

Like the track? Click the [↻ Repost] button! Free Download ---> http://bit.ly/EnvisionDL Listen on Spotify --> http://bit.ly/EnvisionSP Months ago, Loudan stepped back from his work and consciously decided to progress from the ordinary to an uncommon ground. The result lies in Envision, a track which impressively kicks off the new year and allows the young producer to distinguish himself from his peers and show the world where his heart and talents lie. Crafted in a style new to Loudan’s discography, Envision commences with dreamy and airy synth work before progressing into the drawl of a laid-back yet edgy slow jam. Brimming with mellow backbeats and shimmering synths, Envision is a distinctive take on ambient house, and a picturesque look into all that is to come. Follow Loudan: www.loudanofficial.com/ www.facebook.com/loudanofficial www.twitter.com/loudanofficial @loudanofficial www.instagram.com/loudanofficial Song Title: Envision Artist: Loudan Genre: Electronic Release Date: 1/15/16 Read more

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