Marketing and Analytics Solutions for the Music Industry | Recorded Music



Our team of recorded music specialists will work with you to develop effective marketing campaigns from start to finish. Here’s how:


Identify emerging markets

We identify artist and competitor signals on radio, social, and streaming so you can run hyper-relevant digital campaigns where people are already paying attention.

Set goals, forecast results Copy.png

Set goals and forecast results

Work with a specialist to define marketing goals and allocate budgets based on prior campaigns and music industry benchmarks. Set expectations for campaign pacing and outcomes.

Get simplified reporting B.png

Understand marketing impact

See progress toward marketing goals in an easy-to-read analytics dashboard. Measure relevant metrics expected from a recorded music campaign.

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Capture valuable fan insights

Connect the dots between platforms to surface insights about artist audiences. Get actionable data and visualizations for stakeholders and team members.



Advertise with impact

We analyzed some of the best and worst-performing music ads across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, so you have a set framework to fine-tune creative.


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