Unify your advertising efforts

Your one-stop digital advertising solution

We specialize in targeting music and creative audiences across all addressable channels including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and our own native advertising network Boost.
Leverage industry specific data, technology, media relationships and expertise to reach creative audiences at scale.


Understand your campaigns with real-time data and unified insights

Measure your campaigns across multiple traffic sources and formats -- including mobile, desktop and video -- all in one place.



Analyze Market

The first step is to perform an exhaustive automated extraction of the most relevant information about a given artist and their competitors. This includes determining social media following, streaming performance, Billboard performance, and recent press coverage.

Establish Goals

Once we've laid out a clear picture of the artist and where they stand in the competitive landscape, we'll work with you to establish your campaign goals. Using our proprietary data platform, we're able to make intelligent and informed advertising decisions and help you put together a plan to achieve your goals.


Deploy Solutions

With a plan of action in place, we set out to determine the placement of your ads. As your campaign runs, it is programmatically optimized using our platform, which ensures that your ROAS is maximized. During this stage, campaign performance data is relayed back to you as part of scheduled campaign check-ins. This information is also hosted on our dashboard, which you can access at anytime in order to view your campaign’s performance in real time.

Evaluate Performance

Following the completion of your campaign, we archive the performance record and offer a wrap-up summarizing some of the highlights and challenges observed during your campaign. This record is kept for future campaigns you may choose to run with us and contributes to improving the performance of our data platform and maximizing your campaign ROI.



Specialists in every aspect of music & creative audiences

Wavo's teams across the globe combine deep experience in music, arts, fashion, and the traditional creative industries, with expertise in data analysis, advanced analytics, and marketing. Our primary focus is clear: to help music companies reach the world's most influential audiences.

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