Marketing and Analytics Solutions for the Music Industry | Influencer Marketing



Our team of influencer marketing specialists will work with you to develop effective campaigns from start to finish. Here’s how:

Find the right influencers Copy 4.png

Make the right selection

Backed by relevant data, we source, manage, and negotiate rates with influencers who match your artist and audience criteria.

Set goals forecast results.png

Set goals and forecast results

Work with a specialist to define marketing goals and benchmarks based on prior campaigns and influencer history. Set expectations for campaign pacing and outcomes.

Scale marketing.png

Scale marketing strategy

Streamline content creation and distribution through a network of influencers tied to music audiences. Stay involved with a content timeline and approval workflow.

Understand influencer impact.png

Understand influencer impact

See which influencers and content are driving campaign goals within a simple analytics dashboard. Measure earned media and viewer sentiment for deeper insights.



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