Revolutionize the way we look at marketing in entertainment


Work at the forefront of the tech and music industry

We are building cutting-edge technology and applying machine learning to bring change to a stagnant sector of the music industry.

Our revolutionary product offering means we work with the biggest players in the industry, including the major record labels and agencies, streaming platforms, and all the artists and festivals found in between.


Join our team of rockstars

Wavo is only as good as its people. Not only do we aim to hire the best and brightest, we believe employment is a two-way street; from department-specific book clubs, to hackathons, and community service initiatives, we work to provide a number of employee growth opportunities, and welcome any new ideas or suggestions in this area.


A work culture like no other 

The Wavo team is made up of driven and dynamic individuals from a variety of interests and backgrounds. We believe our experiences outside of the office shape the kinds of people we are in the office; whether its company-organized outings or your own creative side-gig, we want you to bring your true-self to work and add to the flavour at Wavo.


The Best Benefits in Town

Wavo strongly affirms itself as an equal opportunity employer


Current Available Positions at Wavo:

Campaign Manager
Wavo is looking for a Campaign Manager to join our Sales & Marketing team. Digital advertising, technology, & data are changing the way artists & brands approach advertising. With Wavo you will get the unique opportunity to work closely with today’s top artists, managers, labels and brands to guide them through this journey and grow their business through Wavo’s advertising products. Wavo’s Campaign Management team is a group of highly skilled professionals with a passion for digital advertising and the creative industries whose focus is working with high-potential business partners to reach worldwide audiences at scale.
Junior Ad Operations Specialist
A Junior Ad Ops Specialist at Wavo handles campaign setup, optimization, and tracking of delivery across all channels, along with reporting on key advertising metrics and completion of clients’ goals set out upon at the beginning of each campaign. The role works in support of the Campaign Management team and sees not only the strategy behind a media buy, but also the technology behind the scenes.
Développeur/ Développeuse (Intermédiaire-Senior)
Wavo recherche des développeuses intermédiaires et seniors pour rejoindre notre équipe technique. Les nouvelles habitudes numériques changent la façon dont les artistes et les marques abordent la publicité en ligne. Avec Wavo, vous aurez l'occasion unique de créer des services qui seront utilisés par les artistes, leurs managers et les marques les plus importantes afin de développer et de promouvoir leur contenu en ligne L'équipe technique de Wavo est petite et efficace; et malgré le fait que nos standards de qualités soient des plus élevés; nous ne nous encombrons pas dans des spécifications superflues. Nous offrons un lieu de travail où tout le monde travaille dur et fort; et où tous se passionnent pour réaliser de grands défis. Nous pouvons vous promettre que vous ne vous ennuierez pas; nous expérimentons constamment, testons régulièrement de nouvelles approches et apprenons jours après jours de nouvelles compétences. Finalement, nous essayons toujours de sortir des sentiers battus et de créer un environnement à la fois stimulant et significatif pour nos membres d’équipe.
Developer (Intermediate-Senior)
Wavo is looking for intermediate and senior developers to join our technical team. Digital advertising, technology, & data are changing the way artists & brands approach advertising. With Wavo you will get the unique opportunity to build services that will be used by today’s top artists, managers and brands to to help them grow their business through Wavo’s advertising products. Wavo’s technical team is small, and efficient, and while we work to a high standard we don’t over-manage with specs. We strive to create a workplace where everyone works and hard and gets excited about the big challenges. We can promise you will never be bored. We are constantly experimenting, testing new approaches and challenging ourselves to master new skills. We try to think outside of the box and create an environment that’s both exciting and meaningful.