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El Migli ft. Shayce Opal - Hold Me In Your Arms [OFFICIAL FAN VIDEO OUT NOW!]

[FREE DOWNLOAD!] -…-me-in-your-arms Watch the Official Fan Video of the Song: Stream "Hold Me In Your Arms" on Spotify: 7 months of hard work before finally releasing this record with my brother Shayce Opal! Question is...why did it take us so long?? Brief answer is...we wanted to make this track really special and unique for all of you! On top of that, with the song we wanted to spread a message of love and care for others. In a world full of daily issues and struggles, we thought this was the perfect occasion to do so! On that note, I personally started gathering pictures from fans all over the world as a call to action to depict and spread that message. I have received hundreds of pictures from my fans & more, and have tried to include all of them in the YouTube video you will find by clicking the BUY link above. Why? Because I wanted ALL of YOU to be part of it. I wanted this to be something that goes beyond a song...and that unites us all no matter where we come from! So try to find yourself, and please like, comment, subscribe, and share the song and video on your social media pages if you wanna help us spread good vibes all over the world! For that...THANK YOU!!! ...Also please don't forget to connect with me on my other social media pages for updates on new El Migli Music! Connect with El Migli: Follow El Migli on Spotify: Like El Migli on Facebook: Follow El Migli on Instagram: Subscribe to El Migli on YouTube:…ub_confirmation=1 Contact El Migli: [email protected] Connect with Shayce Opal: Follow Shayce Opal on Instagram: Follow Shayce Opal on Soundcloud: @shayceopal Read more

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