WHO: Kapachino

WHERE: Tampa, FL

PRESENTED BY: Sunset Music Festival


Kapachino was the winner of the Sunset Music Festival DJ Invitational. The competition was fierce and the final votes went into the thousands for the top tracks, but Kapachino’s fans pulled through for him in the end. Gary’s mix was a relentless compilation of banger after banger, keeping the energy high and the drops tantalizing.

Here’s some words from Gary about his experience: “Sunset was honestly my first festival. I always wanted to be involved in EDM, that really came about from my Pop. He was a DJ back in his time, doing house parties and jamming out to Baby Anne, Malicious Mike, DJ Icy; we couldn’t get enough. Never in my life would I think to have stage like this at this point in my career. Wavo, I wanted to give a huge thank you. Without you guys, who knows what time frame I would be looking at to really set foot on that stage playing for a crowd like no other.

When I first entered the mix for this competition, it was more of a confidence booster. Something that if I get enough votes and finish close to first or get enough people to listen, I would be happy. Hearing that I made top ten finalists definitely exceeded any expectations I had going into this. My mindset went from “let’s stay in the top 20″ to “I really have a shot at making this happen.”

After posting about being a finalist on social media, it really took care of itself. I asked people listening to the mix from all over if they can post their locations; I wanted to see where my mix was going to.  I couldn’t believe it. I went from mixing on my porch for my one year old daughter and fiancé to this, you know. This was a dream I’ve had since god knows when. Being completely honest, this is much more than sunset for me.

A few days after the competition ended when I heard that I won… i’m not kidding I cried. I drove to Orlando and back with my mix blaring in the car. Of course I called all my family and friends to give them the news. It was a moment I will never forget. This honestly was one of the top 3 moments in my life that’s happened so far.”        

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