WHO: Ebb & Flow

WHERE: San Bernardino, CA

PRESENTED BY: The Voyage by Dada Life


Ebb & Flow was the winner of the Voyage Artist Invitational. The winning mix was a funky and creative house track that had a little something for every musical taste.


Here’s some words from Ebb & Flow about the experience: “When you spend several hours a week putting together mixes in your home studio, you become used to a certain quality of sound. The kick drum is full, but doesn’t rattle your chest. The hats are crisp, but they don’t have room to sizzle. Everything else sounds better than it does in headphones, but it won’t get a thousand people dancing. When we cranked up Kryder’s remix of L’Tric’s “This Feeling” during our sound check, we both got chills – it was the most massive sound we’d ever made with our gear. When we finally dropped that one for the crowd at the tail end of our set, followed by Reload – a track Ankur had literally dreamt of closing with – they went absolutely crazy. It was an indescribable joy.

We can’t overstate how grateful we are for having had the opportunity to share the stage with Dada Life – two of the friendliest and most humble performers we’ve ever met – and experience the magic of performing on the main stage of an Insomniac event. Everyone we worked with was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable, and the fans – “headliners” as they’re described by Insomniac personnel – were incredible. Considering we started our online radio show less than a year ago, we feel all the more lucky to have experienced this level of success so quickly. “

 Dada (1)

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