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Otto Knows - Next To Me (Dave Ruthwell & Numerall Bootleg) *Support by Tom Ferro, JAKKO and more*

HAPPY NEW YEAR! this is my first bootleg of this 2016, thanks for all your support Feedback: - Tom Ferro: "The melody is really nice, i like the good progression" - CROSSNADERS: "Really nice track" - JAKKO: "the only thing i'd change is the kick ! its getting in the way of the bassline, but its cool :)" - DJ's From Mars: "Nice bootleg! please let us know as soon as u may have something new!" - Frosty: "Good bootleg bro" - Alcia Jose: "Good Work" - Jordan Ferrer: "Good work" - Jaivaro: "Supported, great bootleg" - Cris Major: "I love it" - Suspect Zero: "Good Job" - Charlie Ray: "Good job man" Follow Otto Knows: @Otto-Knows Follow Dave Ruthwell: Follow Numerall @numerall-music Read more

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